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Interview with Lexy Schlemer of Candy Coated Evil

May 17, 2016

I had the pleasure of interviewing Lexy Schlemer of Candy Coated Evil. Lexy plays lead/rhythm guitar and provides vocals. Their Facebook page boasts that they are a evil partridge family. Anyone that has seen them live knows this is true.

1. What inspired you to get involved in music?

So m…

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Gateway Grind TV Promo Reel

October 21, 2015

Gateway Grind is a show based on the local/regional music scene in St. Louis. We follow the lives of 3 different event coordinators that come together on a weekly basis to 
produce an FM radio show on local music. Featuring a vast array of musical appearances the show also features cameos fro…

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Using Tags and Blogs

November 10, 2014

Using Tags and Blogs
By: Kip Batiz
Utilizing your tags and blogs in your community websites can make a huge difference in how easily you can be found or discovered. These are actually among the first things that Google and other search engines scan first. Which if you look at logically makes perfe…

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